Friday, March 26, 2010

Contest #02 "Wish I was a Super Hero"

All those comic books.. movies.. tv shows.. didnt they make you fantasize what it would be like to be a Super Hero? Well too bad cause you're never gonna be one.

But... here's your chance to make alittle bit of that fantasy true.
Draw yourself as the Super Hero that you've always wanted to be.
Anything is possible... so go all out.
Maybe youve dicovered a new super power that no'ones ever seen or heard of before.
(Try make it a good guy... we'll save the bad guy for another contest.. but if u have an awesome idea dont be held back by this just do it!)

Post your work in progress (W.I.P.)... so we can help each other out.. give some good critism and become better artists!

Deadline: 9 April (5:00 AM!!!) - soo Thursday NIGHT!!!