Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spent ages making the tentacles more swirly and shizzle, and just applied a quick color scheme, now just to keep rendering, making the colors more vibrant and and some more background elements to bring it all together

oh, and about the "he looks evil thing" ..

watch the modern super hero's they are all actually anti hero's man. The dude in jumpsuit with underpants over his pants who has unbreakable morale is no longer relevant. people wanna see superhero's who have the same emotional and physical problems as us, making it easier to relate to them. take hellboy for example, he doesnt look or behave like a typical upstanding citizen or is a perfect superman. he has issues and you can see it.

... yes .. this was during research and i was bored :(


  1. ja ben het er mee eens dat de moderne helden meer gekwelde zielen zijn die te leiden hebben onder hun eigen superkrachten, dat probeerde ik ook deels te communiceren...

    maar met evil bedoelde ik meer zijn houding en ogen. anithero's vind ik eerder bijdehand uitzien :p

    but never the less, het is echt tof aan het worden

  2. hahaha jah zn houding en zn ogen zijn zeker evil <3

    hmmmmm evil <3 :D