Sunday, July 11, 2010

Contest #05 Something Totally Random

Hey Peeps,

Another contest has arrived...
This one is something alittle different.. something totally random.
What i want you to do... is get inspired..
Look up into the sky, and stare at the clouds... or google some picatures of clouds..and stare at them until u start seeing things. And try to design the thing you see in the cloud.
It might be a dragons head, it might be a bunny rabbit.. what ever it is...take the fuzzy cloudyness out of it.. and make it into what ever u think u see!
Post the pic of clouds that u use... if u see something outside.. take a photo of it.
And it doesnt really have to be clouds, can also be something else... like maybe some weird pattern on the floor that u see some kind of animal in.
What ever it is.. really try to create what u think u see.

You can take the picature into photoshop and use the cloud as a base.. and start drawing around it. Copy paste.. w/e ;D make something really cool.

It would be cool if u try stick to creatures..but its not a must.

Deadline is 25 July


  1. guys dont like it? :P
    want a different contest?

  2. Ha Me like :D... Surry didn't have no internet for the passed few days (really REALLY frustrating). I be starting for my part soon...

    Mabey this one is gonna be a not so crowded contest cause of the holidays. Everyone might be ultra-chilling...

  3. I'm not, I'm in for sure =D hopefully more will join too :)

  4. i am in now finds som clouds when i get better.

  5. ye thats what i thought joris.. ultra chillin.. staring at some clouds :P
    grab a pencill and paper.. and DRAW :D
    super relaxin

  6. leuke oplossing voor het contest dilemma :p

    ik denk dat ik maar gewoon teken wat ik heb gedroomd of wat er in me opkomt...

    dat is altijf wel random.

  7. Tof, maar helaas geen contest voor mij deze keer. Druk bezig met chillen, voor mezelf wat arten en ISA. Next time..

  8. sup guys i am not in in this contest. cuz ik me laptop even wegbrengt voor de garantie. naar de mediamarkt(pray with me) mn infrarood is stuk. see ya