Monday, September 6, 2010


here is som shiznit waar ik mee bezig ben!

found some awesome pictures of drugdealers in africa

this is hyenagirl.. she s hot


  1. I really hope you finish the bull painting. It almost looks like they're toys, and that could be a bad ass effect (stylized) painting. As for that African drug lord......jeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzuuuss!! he's like a Mad Max character or big boss. One look from this guy and you crap yourself ;_;

  2. Eric, if U look at the art of Bob, U see he almost always puts a pretty strong perspective in it. That's what I meant with the Piraty-art, it seemed a bit flat to me. But to me the Hyena chick looks more epic cause of the persp.

    But mabey it's just Ur idea of the pirate, to make it more cartoony?

  3. a little more canvas on the right...
    a little more tina by my side..
    a little more jessica blablabla