Thursday, October 28, 2010

Environmental DFS

Ey guys...

Bin a While since I posted smnthng..

Made this for design for space. It is the first room of the game, here the farao (main char) finds out some harrison ford kinda guy stole a lot of his treasures. The story of the game will be about how you try to chase this guy. It will be a puzzle game with two dimensions.

This was done as fast as possible, to create the setting and main idea of the chamber. Plez giv me critz and/ur ideas ;)


  1. I like it:) the idea is clear, but what is nagging me are the floortiles...doing some as fast as posibble isnt an excuse to NOT use some basic perspective;)

    other than that.... I take my explorers hat off for this, sir!

  2. Ah damn Ur right... Before I started drawing those tiles on the left bottom I erased all the perspective lines and didn't really pay attention. I tried to adjust but now that statue falls out of persp a little; Link

  3. Yo dude,

    It's still a little off unless you wanted to create a fisheye kind of perspective. If not, you should create another layer and draw out the perspective lines. For the statue, I suggest to make a selection of the statue and skew/distort it a little bit on the right side of the selection box and correct the perspective until it feels right.

  4. What's with the two different color tints?

  5. Tnx Hung, I might try to play around with it a little ;)

    The two diff colors is for the two different dimensions in the game. U have to travel between these dimensions to solve puzzles.