Saturday, February 19, 2011

dragon lady

panting i did a while back


  1. must have been quite some time ago... :S

  2. about 1-2 weeks make your point o.O

  3. armen kloppen niet helemaal
    haar ellebogen moeten meer naar voren.

  4. haar nek is ook veel te lang

  5. hmhm klopt hadden iets naar voren gemoeten forshortning is pretty hard.
    maar heb em in 5.5 uur gepaint dus niet alles lope adjusten, puur de mood probere neer te zetten. :D

    still waiting for spidermans point

  6. hahaha ik zie geen banaan Mr D

  7. hehehe SPIDERMAAAAAAAAN!!!. relax dude, i'm saying you can do better.

    There are currently way too many vertebra in her back which makes her arms seem short when in fact they are fine. The neck is to long and the colors are quite muddy. Feet are too short ( though they did used to bind them back in the day to make the women have small feet). Also if you can, try to imitate the pose your self, you'll notice that the knee at the bottom will pop out more, unless the upper leg is directly on the knee, in which case the top leg should face the camera in foreshorten style :) .

    I would also crop the comp. its too long and static. Remember that general i made last year? same deal... boring comp, centered and nothing to break the symmetry ( good chance to use the nice fabric she has to break the symmetry). The stair case is a perspective disaster but i'm sure you knew that already.

    On the positive side your values are good( since that is hard to do straight in color i know i can't do that). I would have gone a little more dramatic chiaro oscuro though.

    I think that's it hope it helps :)

  8. i see were your going, thats becouse i didnt pay much attention to the anatomy since its not about that in this pic. maby i should pay a bit more attention to is next time so its correct.

    for the symmetry+long canvas, i did this on purpose cuz if u look at a palace its all high and symmatrical were the throne looks kinda small compared to the room its in.

    plus, the only thing that breaks the symmetry now is the legs that i think leads your eye to her(counter contrastwise)

    stairs a dissaster yes 100% true :P not a focus point so i didnt care.

  9. Oh i forgot, this goes for everybody: Don't worry about how much time you spend on piece. Just work on it until you are happy with it, or until you feel like doing something else. Speed will come with time. If you work for speed now, you'll end up with lesser piece done in a short amount time.

    Of course if you are doing the 1 hour exercises that's a different story cause you give yourself a limit, and a chance to break your safe routine, and trying out new things.


  10. Eric been watchin/listening to some bobby chiu??? All those positive vibes u sending out :P

    Opposite to what Eric was sayin but, i think you could push your values abit more.
    Its missing the darkest darks and lightest lights. Her head does have light skin and dark hair (contrast) which attracts attention, but when i threw it in photoshop i noticed that the you could push it alittle more.

    Always try push it as far as you can... go past the point when its too much.. then go back alittle ;D

    But hey after 5.5hours of lookin at it.. u might not see stuff like that. So after 2weeks when u look at it.. u might notice.

    Wouldnt mind seeing more of these on garillazzzz



  12. of course i know wut ur saying eric im just like discussing, sharing thoughts and stuff to get the most feedback possible :P

    so jsut shoot it down i can take it, i just defend so u have to defend your critics :P i know just crossing blades a bit

    i was done with it after 5.5 houres i liked the muddy painterly feel so i stopped rendering i didnt do it for speed just for fun

  13. hmm waisted popcorn? ik probeer het in te beelden
    how do you waist popcorn daniel?

    u wanted a fight? here you have it.

    shit is aan!

  14. im a disabled, im dislexic. would you fight a disabled person bob?

    thats low of you :(

  15. Mister Bawb, don't pick on Daniel-san for that. Your English is so crappy, it hurts my eyes.. THERE.

    EPIC HideYourMom fight COMMENCE!

  16. maar Luc, ik zag ergens staan dat je de troon klein vond/wou hebben en het paleis big ass. maar ik zie geen paleis om het mee te vergelijken
    het kan ook een mooi aangekleed bordeel hok zijn?

  17. (high pitched fake japanese voice) I'LL TAKE ON ALL YOU KOEKEBAKKERS!

  18. seems like i didnt really waSTe my popcorn after all.

    garillaz rarely disappoints

  19. So what's the deal with Luc's posts and comment-shitstorms these days?

  20. daniel-san this is not disappointing, it is a beautiful comment river instead of the destructive tsunami a few posts ago:D
    this is more learning less trolling

  21. garillaz is also handy for asking things like..

    Anybody got a clue what Dimme is expecting from us tuesday??? Thought he was gonna post the slides on the usat blog.

  22. He expects us to be AWESOME.

    But srsly, you had to email him the persona and thumbs last tuesday..

  23. not shit Robin Hood :P
    But what does he want THIS tuesday???

  24. he wants to suck on your moms phong shaders

  25. How the hell should we know, we'll find out tuesday o_<

    Also what Luc said.

  26. Cause Luc's picture is so super colorful.

  27. rainbow alpaca's are cute, but worm lama's are awsome