Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ike the Alien Cat - Character Designs and sketches

This is my personal project, still working on the story, the earlier drawing of the forest was also for this project.

Meet Gillian Twain and Kek Io’wo’qu, but you can call him Ike.
Gillian is an intelligent girl with the dream of traveling and discovering new organisms and write history, although her parents do not support her in her dream of becoming a great researcher and want her to stay close to home and do a job that is assured of an income.

Kek Io’wo’qu crashed here on earth, reason of his visit to earth is not sure yet. But Gillian found him nearly killed by the crash in the woods when she was walking back from school.


  1. grats to Gillian on her first discovery =P seems pretty lucky.

    Sweet cat designs, I like the shapes and poses... you got that nickelodeon(aka Mr Silver) style going on =P

    Gillian's design doesnt seem that strong to me yet. It doesnt tell me that shes adventureous or a discoverer yet.

  2. Tnnx :D
    I watched way to much Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon when I was little, I almost remember every phrase in every episode. it’s quite disturbing actually…

    Yeah you’re right, she really doesn’t look that adventurous indeed :/
    I should make a character sheet that describes her personality and make some designs based on that, I will upload that soon.

    Thnx very much for the feedback ^^