Wednesday, January 11, 2012

World Eater

Blood For the Bloodgod!!!


  1. Oh no! it is the time of the month again!
    No seriously, it looks really great with the details and all. how long have you actually spent too render it?

  2. nice.. loads of detail.

    Hand and helmet look left out thought. Very red, and little reflections from the enviro. And missing some dmg on em like the hammer.

    But hey :P when u polish something so much ;D u gotta polish it alll.

    And whats that behind his mega shoulder pads? Back up shoulder pads?

    Pose is a bit static too.

    Mr Luc Rapoza.. going more the freelance illustator route?

  3. imma gonna be a hybrid man both illustration and concept art so gotta practice both

  4. Nice little detail on the shoe there mr LDH