Sunday, November 7, 2010

Its hot and its cold...

Been workin on my ship sellin piece today. Having trouble choosing.. =(
I like the desert feel of the top one, but the cold contrast os the 2nd on brings the ship out alot more. u like "Hot" or "Cold" ???


  1. The cold one seems more dynamic to me, I choose Cold :D

  2. scyther wins all!

    cold dude the contrast works better. In the warm one it looks like the ship is some kind of building. the cold one si also better cuz of the wider range of values

    so in this case cold one.
    but i think the warm one needs a stronger sun(lightsource) dry places means load of hot sun no clouds which result in sharp shadows

  3. i choose cold (with in mind your environment) and i agree with all the guys above except for wubbefet

  4. Pikachu likes the cold one too. Still needs to pop out a bit more though. Maybe mirror the ship, since it's a little awkward composition-wise. Cause it's flying outside of the frame and all.

    Fuck you Bob, Pikachu is definitely the best choice because the bond with his trainer is so strong. You can train a Pokemon all you want, but only love and friendship makes it stronger. Haven't you learned ANYTHING? Jeez.

  5. Robin, put the supergrid onto it and then come back and talk some more. =P Mirroring the ship would make it crash into destruction and wait what theres this thing called perspective that wouldnt work anymore then :P

    And on a side note:
    Many Pikachu's were wounded(and killed) in the making of this painting.

  6. Since your ship is in a dynamic pose, it can have it's own perspective/vanishing points. So mirroring wouldn't affect it perspective-wise (it would mess up your lighting though).

    Also did the grid thing and I see what you did there. However, it still works after you would mirror it. See this:

    My whole point is.. For example, when you make a portrait and it's 3/4th view, and the person is looking outside the frame with a lot of space on the other side, it just doesn't feel right. Like this:

    It's practically the same deal with your ship. I just think it's way better (and more dynamic too) when you mirror it.

    But that's just how I see it. I think you did a good job anyway, really digging the design.

    Oh and next time, don't kill any Pikachu's, or you'll have it with my Charizard. He'll burn yo ass.