Monday, November 15, 2010

Pirate Base - Enviro WIP

heeey darr, ya dirty ol' scumbag. how bout some feedback?!
if it be worthy.. ill share me rum wit ya.
its a special blend.. stole it from some coconut head fella


  1. Shit I'm looking at this for 2 minutes straight.. But I can't find anything off or wrong ur somthng. I actually like this one; Great job dude ;)

  2. ja ik heb er verder eigenlijk ook niet echt iets aan toe te voegen, ziet er goed uit.

    ik persoonlijk hou van wat meer kleur, maar dat is persoonlijke voorkeur.

  3. damn dude, that's high end crap right there. great job. reminds me of borderlands in a non cellshaded way

  4. You might want to push the stuff/buildings on the right just a little bit further into the background. Other than that, great job man. The feel overall is great.