Friday, January 28, 2011

They see me Rollin'

They Hatiiiin'
This is the brand new Mobster "Getawaikar" from Counterclockwise Motors,

from left to right: luc's mom, Lloyd's Mom and last but not least, Your Mom!


  1. ik heb echt geen idee hoe het perspectief van die vehicle zit

    i didnt know your mom was so hawt bob

  2. uh misschien helpt het als je ziet dat het een drie wieler is?

  3. Nice soft shading making those shapes all round.

    But dude use the crop tool next time.. wuts all that grey on the right side.
    And maybe make the shadow abit softer cause the vehicle is so dark. Or lighten the vehicle up with some reflections.
    Some nice sharp highlights would be good too.. make it shiny.. and maybe blend a enviroment photo in as reflection. Like the vehicles in that awesome car design book.

  4. u shouldnt have turned it counterclockwise cuz i can read the lines but now in values it lookds bend and out of perspective

  5. x'D als ik er over 20 jaar nog steeds zo uit zie ... I DUN CARE!!