Saturday, January 1, 2011

Little Glutton


Here's Little Glutton...
A zombie kid that ate all his friends, but still has... the HUNGER!
He's eaten so much that his zombie body cant handle it anymore and is close to its limit.
Once Little Glutton jumps onto a survivor he covers their eyes with one hand and starts feeding. It takes about 20-30 seconds before he explodes. Lauching the player forward and wounding them. The player then needs to be helped by a fellow survivor to continue.

He's fast on his feet, and easy to see due to his glowing stomach that is on the breach of bursting.

For all of you who dont know what Glutton is ... google the seven deadly sins =P


  1. HE HAS A MULLET!!! I LOVE IT! nice idea, though i think the time should be a little shorter, 20 sec is long time in a fast paced game like L4D. And over the last few days i'm probably guilty of gluttony as well hheh

  2. hij doet me denken aan zo'n ethiopisch jongetje met een opgezwollen buikje...

  3. hehe ye :p kinda what inspired me to do the stomach like that.

    And the 20-30sec thing is for a game designer to deside after many many playtests and hours of mathmatics and balancing ;D