Sunday, January 23, 2011

WIP - Grim Painting

Busy working on a painting for my dad's bar.
Gonna make him the grim reaper, holding his wife (a fallen angel).
Cause he's got a tattoo of the Grim Reaper on his back.

Just need some feedback before i take it to the next level. Coloring and detailing.
I know his forarm is super long and needs shortening.. and her legs seem long.. so thats gonna be fixed in the next version. But what I need to know is whats wrong that im not seeing X_X
Oh and the shiny thing was put there by my gf.

Composition going to much to the left??


  1. His forarm is super long....

    Ghehe just kidding... It could use some space in the left to get the subject in the middle. Also, try not to push the wing to much to the back couse then it would go "trough" the reaper.

  2. or put it to the left a little more for an asymmetric composition, depends on what you want, it's looking good already :)

  3. kun je miss ook een ref van je ouders plaatsen? want volgens mij klopt het gezicht niet helemaal van de vrouw.

    misschien kun je de haren minder horizontaal laten waaien maar meer laten krullen

    zoals dit miss:

  4. de gezichten lijken nog niet helemaal.. ik wil daar nog geen moeite in stoppe omdat ik eerst op andere dingen wil focusen. zoals compositie en tonen etc

  5. the main subject in the middle is boring. golden grid kinda thingy

  6. ok duwd

    als je die haren laat wappere laat de rest ook wappere en die pose is echt FOKED statisch doe vette shit met die wings en die cloth van de reeper gogo dinamic pose je kan hier veeel meer mee. cuz if u put a bush on his head hes a friggin tree
    and i would add more mountains in the back becouse that will create more depth the current rocks are so few that they kinda dissapear

  7. hehe watch more hiphop vids, and let that girl hang on the mister or sumthing.
    more threat and more sexiness