Thursday, May 12, 2011

Anozer Present for someone...

Present for my half sister's boyfriend's birthday >.<

Feedback plx

Its gettin close to finished. (still need to do the gun)
But I thought before I take it to the end, I could use some final feedback.
Let me know what u think.


  1. hmm het ziet er goed gerenderd uit, alleen mist je plaat wat dynamiek en leven. en de handen zitten ook niet helemaal lekker.

  2. with skin never shade using black it turns into a zombie instantly.

    the guys armor is realy boring his head has a good amount of detail but from the neckdown it looks plain, the whole armor is the same.

    te tendons in the neck of the girl are to exposed and also the do not twist like the head does.

    the guys has three vingers. whys that?

    there ya go sun

  3. sank you.

    didnt shade with black :P just started in B&W. Need to put more color in the shadows i guess.

    Wasnt happy with his armor yet too, kinda dived into this painting without really thinkin anything out. Which makes it tough to come up with stuff in a later stage. But ye gonna add more stufff.

    And ye 3 fingers.. why not :P they big fat gloves, 2 fingers could fit in 1

  4. stole the comments? xD wth

  5. blogger was down for a while yesterday cuz of some errors the deleted all the posts in that time. and set them back when they were done fixing. but they didnt put back the comments