Monday, July 25, 2011


I've seen too many people here struggling with perspective. IT IS TIME TO FIX THAT SHIT.
This time it'll be a quick one. Make a small drawing (no more than 1h 30min). Make sure that the perspective reads.
Include the following:

1. Atmospheric perspective.
2. 2-points or 3-points perspective.
3. Scaling.

It doesn't matter if it detailed or not, as long as it is readable.

Deadline: Monday August 1st 23:59 (and 59 sec.)

p.s. make it too rough and it won't read well. Make it too smooth and you'll be wasting time. Colour is not obligatory.


  1. lol, That's basically all i'm training with them vehicles :) cool idea though let's see what the cat brings home ..... i think that's a saying...

  2. I'm gonna give it a go.

    But Ben, why the hell aren't you posting any shit? What have you been up to the past year?

  3. Haha, cuz I haven done much. N what I have done I usually trash it. This was my my entry for the previous contest but never finished.

    I will do this contest tho.

  4. hehe die moet je verder uitwerken :D