Wednesday, July 20, 2011

lady time used ref for some parts and pose


  1. hmmmm.. i think you should ease up on the black, there is no black in the real world. Yes in the movie stills a lot of them tend to go to black, but i don't think it's working in your favor this time. Think more like the Ship you made, that one is a beauty. Same goes for the saturation, and check out how hair works too. There is something about the warm background dark that i really like... Rembrant-esc.

  2. wat ik jammer vind is dat alles er erg realistish uit ziet behalve het haar, het knotje lijkt wel knoflook en lijkt de rest van het haar heel plastish...

  3. like the colors + sfeer, proportions seem abit off though.
    Head looks too big, or the torso is too long.
    Compare the hands to the head