Friday, July 29, 2011



  1. leuk idee =) alleen is het contrast tussen de sneeuw en de rots op zijn nek niet iets te veel? in vergelijking met het stukje bij z'n linker&rechter arm

  2. I see what you did there :P but seriously i think the issue here is proportion. The bear mountain looks more like a bear hill cause of the road next to it (so there should be snow on the ground too since it doesn't look that big) , and is that a little hut i see next to the paw? there should probably be more atmosphere between your foreground and middle ground. Also think about your camera shot. Is this the best way to sell a mountain? Wouldn't a worms eye view be more dramatic and give more illusion of massiveness?

    unrelated : why does nobody make a interior enviro?? those are much harder cause you can't fake the perspective. AND WHERE IS YOUR PIG ILLUSTRATION? that one was going really well i wanna see the ending, had some cryptcrawler rendering skills going on there.

  3. ye u got a good point there.. Went with the worm (frogs?) eye view on the next one :D painting a castle atm.. no cheatin on perspective there :(

    and on your unrelated part. Ive been thinkin about doing an interior too.. its not one of those things that you do spontaneliously(big word =O) i think.

    anndd ill post the new one of the pig too soon.
    deadline is close =O hope i do well with the contest :(

  4. I think your pig one is fantastic :D. You and Robin (btw) have made HUGE leaps forward since i've met you guys a year ago..or two?

  5. Yeah GDD sucked so much balls.

    I found my old dummy with some sketches. Laughed my ass off, SO bad. I guess I made quite some progress, since I've been drawing (on a serious level) for 1,5 year now?