Friday, December 31, 2010

Mister crowman final

Final version of the L4D special infected. Didn't have the time to paint dozens of crows, so I just painted one.

This guy has 3 attacks/abilities. First of all, he can trow seeds on the ground as a boobytrap. When the survivors come near it, hundreds of crows will come flying at them causing massive diversion and slight damage that will kill over time. Secondly, he can call his birds and send them anywhere he wants. The player camera will go to the crows and you can control them in third person view. When the crows hit a survivor, the camera will go back to the zombie. One downside is that the player is completely vulnerable during this homing missile-like move. And last but not least: for self defense, he can use his long arms to slice and dice, which is useful for in-door levels.

TL;TR: You don't want this guy in your bedroom at night.

Final thanks for the crits and the contest itself. Had loads of fun and looking forward to next one.

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