Monday, August 1, 2011

3 Little Pigs - 14 Years Later

Here's pretty much the final for the Fairytale contest on CGhub.
Let me know if there's anything bugging you, but I think its pretty much done.


  1. only thing buggin me is that which wolf from which fairytale is it?
    red riding hood or the three little pigs?
    ohja en misschien is de wolf een beetje ongelukkig afgesneden omdat hij naar rechts gaat/sneak maar er eigenlijk geen rechts meer is.

  2. both stories have the same wolf. Bigby Wolf was the son of the Nothern Wind (which explains his huffing and puffing and near invincibility).

    Lighting on this one is awesome, I take my hat off for this good sir!

  3. dat sugereert dat er buiten de painting nog meer is bobsan

  4. I agree with peter and luc, and... LANG LEVEN UNSHARP MASK TOOL :D!!!