Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brb, Japan

Hello my fellow GARillianz.

As you all know, Luc and I will go to Japan soon. Kickin' ass, taking names and overwhelming Japanese people with Luc's height, our awesomeness and probably drinking skills too. We're both gonna start a blog, I just created mine and made a first post (here It's in Dutch, for some reasons (family being sucky at English, scholarship things etc). So if you're interested, follow it and you'll have my eternal gratitude. Possibly more.

Also we'll be departing 31st of August. We'll be at Schiphol at around 8.30, so if you want to and also happen to have the time, come wave us goodbye! There's a slight possibility that some (manly) tears will be shed. This can also be seen as a valid no-homo reason to finally exchange the hugs that our beautiful friendship was craving for.


  1. als het voor mij niet zo'n f*king eind rijden was had ik jullie wel even uitgezwaaid :)

    veel succes in Japan jongens en kick some asian ass!