Monday, August 1, 2011


Felt like painting a castle.. so I painted one.
Leave your interresting comments and feedback below :D


  1. nice composition :) Something about the castle makes it feel likes its small again. I think you should have something for size ref, and a little something closer to the camera as in foreground. I know you already have one...uhm or you could make it darker since it shares the same value of the cliffs behind the mountain. And and and...what else, some atmospheric perspective would help too. That's all i got :)

  2. yup like eric sed u need size ref becouse i dont know how big those dragons are. plus u dont have a foreground objects the rock on the left is middle ground.

    hows work eric?

  3. and the background looks weird like there is a giant cliff right behind the castle

  4. @ luc, It's crazy mang but super fun! meteen an het werk gezet. Sitting right next to other Erik throwing ideas at each other and learning from the guys around us. Super motivating enviro :)

  5. go eric go :D awesome dude.

    @luc castle is kinda on a cliff ;D kinda high up in the mountains.

    But yeah when i was painting it I was really focused on the castle and not so much on foregrond stuff... thought drawing small dragons would make the castle look big. But I guess your right about having a size ref of a dragon to know they are big