Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mr Magneto

Work in Progress

Gimme those crits!


  1. a color is almost never 1 color if u know what i mean.
    its usually made out of alot of different types of colors so try to make shadows and highlights the colors of the light mixed with the color of the material instead of making the color of the material lighter or darker

  2. en doe studies over hoe je de verschillende vormen renderd

  3. ik hoop niet dat dit te hard klinkt, is iig niet mijn bedoeling. maare het lijkt een beetje alsof die een push up bh aan heeft en eyeliner heeft gebruikt. easy fix denk ik.
    maar gaat de goede kant op =) tof dat je die portretten van hun maakt! ben benieuwd wat je van rogue gaat maken ^^

  4. Right on brotha, i love marvel. Couple of things though. Magnetos eyes are blueish grey (yes i'm geek enough to know that) also his helmet goes much lower that his chin, you could probably add half the length of what you already have. Luc is right on about the colors, but that really depends what your going for since marvel has various types of styles, including monotonic color range (rare on covers though).

    Make sure you look at ref for what kinds of suits he's had, the button thing was more when he was in the movie (and wearing fancy clothes), he usually had more a bolt thing..don't know how that works but it looked cool. Anatomy is looking better ;) what you going for?

  5. I thought his eyes would look good red in this piece. But dude, you know the color of his eyes but didn't notice I inverted the red/purple in his helmet? You're not geek enough :P

    Anyways, I checked a lot of different designs and kinda improvised on this one, at least on the helmet. The buttons look kinda lame, I was thinking of changing them anyway. I'll check some more designs for the suit, cause it's a little boring the way it is now.

    I'm not yet really sure about the lighting though. I always like those colored lights in Rapoza's portraits, but my lighting skills still suck balls. I might just do some studies first, as Luc suggested.

    I did some anatomy sketching before starting this one, but I still didn't use ref for the piece. So I guess it pays off then :D Still gonna use some ref to check it eventually.

    Also paint overs are always welcome, if you guys got time to spare.

  6. Just to kick you in the balls while being down. Your bg is kinda working against you. It gives the idea that the lighting is coming from the rear bottom, while it looks like it's coming from the top. ;)

    Also, the only reason Eric knows about the eyes is 'cuz he likes to "drown" himself in the eyes of dudes. Hehe.

  7. @ ben: multiple light sources

  8. hmmm je geeft het gezicht licht alsof er een lamp op staan maar de helm die er vlak boven zit niet.