Thursday, September 1, 2011

so robin and me arrived in japan 28 degrees and freakn humid and 190cm doors.....


  1. Head hitting score:

    Robin: 1
    Luc: 1

    We'll keep you updated.

  2. het is tenminste wel lekker warm daar, hier in belgie is het vies 16 grade :(

    nog last gehad van aardbevingen?

  3. hows the food?
    how small are the people?
    fit in the bed luc? :P

  4. The food is good so far, although we didn't eat out yet. But hoooly shit it's expensive dude. Especially fruit and meat.. 4 peaches for 4,50, a watermelon for 10 euros. A little bit of meat could cost 9 euros.

    Then again, eating out is way cheaper, so guess what we'll be doing.

    Also everything is different. The only thing I knew in the supermarket was Coca Cola. Rest is all cold tea and some sodas.

  5. Oh and the people are pretty small. Lot of people looking up at Luc in amazement, lots of stares. But a lot of people are small, some people a bit taller than me, but I'm pretty much normal height here.

  6. so cute

    head hitten

    luc :3

    dinner food was ok but more expensive then we thought kinda becouse we couldnt read the menu (dam u kanji)

    see u next time

  7. Sounds like you guys are going to have an awesome adventure ;)