Sunday, September 4, 2011

Typhoon Talas trolling Japan

This bastard was trolling Japan the past few days. 17 deaths, 54 missing so far. Luckily things weren't as bad in Kyoto, but shit was going down in Nara. 1600 mm rain fell there..


  1. zat marthe daar ook niet ergens in de buurt?

  2. Ja, in Kyoto. Zelfde universiteit.

  3. hope u guys are doing some pro kite flying... weather looks perfect xD

    Also i was wondering what u guys eat all day.. like 3 meals.. are they all sushi? xD (at least are they all with fish :P )

  4. in the cafeteria at school u can get anything ramen(udon/soba)rice dishes fish meat vegies
    as for dinner we are looking for restaurants since the supermarkets are expensive will be no fruit for 6 months man :P 1.20 per

    there is a restaurant from the school,which is really cheap(5euro for a meal), we tried to go to twice but first time we couldnt find it and second time it was closed probbly cous the semester didnt start yet.

    so were just exploring we ate sushi already in the moving bar thing and it tastes so much better here that i probbly cant eat the shit in NL anymore :D

  5. myummy sounds good, and glad to hear the hurricane wasn't any trouble for you guys =) so when are you guys gonna do kareoke? :P