Friday, September 9, 2011

talking about getting loose...

Just like eric, I did this to get loose, not because I had to work tight, but 'cuz i felt like it. It's also nice to do so.
(and to test some new lead on my mechanical pencil)

Did these at a'dam central station.

(edit: i fucked up with posting the images, just click on them. too much hassle to reupload them)


  1. I need to get loose.. I'm as tight as Bob's mom's vagingo. Oh wait that's not that tight at all. Oh SNAP. But seriously though.

  2. The dude with the glasses and the beard ROCKS!!!

  3. cool =) meer meer meer :p is leuk om weer eens wat van je te zien ^^

  4. nice gonna do this sometime here lots a nice houses here :D

    overall all your humans are to small or the heads are to big

  5. D: heads are too big or teh peeps are too small?! Nah, it's just amsterdam.... thats how they roll over thar :P.
    but i'll keep that stuff in mind for the next time, thnx :D