Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the drugsrunner

several broken bones, extremely fast, Adrenaline Junkie,
this guy is a distraction, jumping around you. He will only attack if you are not aiming at him. If you do so, he is hard to hit. If you manage to kill him he'll drop a adrenaline shot.
he has a low amount of hitpoints. So 1 well aimed shot will seal the deal.

this zombie climbs everywhere and is capable of making you motion sick.


  1. the idea is cool, but how exactly does he attack? pinning a Survivor? clawing at them? knocking them over?

    And 'he will only attack when you're not looking at him' doesnt make sense with playercontrolled Infected. It sounds like a buffedup Hunter. nothing wrong with that, but some info about attacks would be nice:)

    I know, whine, whine, whine....

  2. his attack is not something special like a jockey riding you. But when you turn your back to him he will start doing the claw on you and your fellow survivors when you turn around he starts jumping again and than it is hard to kill. His attack/skill is more of a distraction so you lose your focus on the other zombies.

  3. okay, but the Infected are still player controlled. So, how do you know when you can claw at someone's back?

  4. When playing this zombie you are an easy target. A simple right click(push zombies away) can bump your head of. The only thing to life longer is to jump around