Thursday, December 30, 2010

here are some more, dif way of coloring this time. just trying to find my own way to do these :]


  1. ilike icebear man and rhinomen

  2. The front of numbr3 looks a bit rotated to the left...

    I like nmbr2 :D

  3. cheeta dingus vind ik tof ^^

    vind het leuk dat je de lijnen erin houd, misschien zou je daar nog wat mee kunnen klooien. qua diktes en ruwheid miss.

  4. looking cool mr luc.
    Bug dudes havin some perspective probs with his arm. The one closer to us looks smaller then the one further away. Doesnt look like its surpposed to be like that.

    Also think they could use alittle more value range. So darker darks and lighter lights.

    Its a good idea to fill your portfolio with designs like these.