Thursday, December 23, 2010

Exploding Zombie Bunnies ATTACK!!!

Dynamite comes in small (fast) packages!
This version wouldnt really be fun to play as a "special" monster... maybe rather something that you would encounter in the park or in a forest level.

Gonna try an even more mutated version next.. and something more "playable".


  1. well its pretty fun to play id say o.O ur small eazy to hide ur purpose is to blow up in someones face

    and as ive heard from t eh L4D players umong us, after uve used ur ablity ur as good as dead

  2. ye thats true :P
    But with this guy theres no second chance xD

    Maybe you can stand back up after the explosion and the bubble/swell can grow back. So it has 30-60sec cool down.

  3. L4D has a 16 vs player mode
    4 kamikaze rabbits boom boom boom half the crew dead XD ok give it a japanese banzaiheadband

  4. i know i love that mode!!! i was thinking of making baby boomers, same thing almost kamikaze..