Wednesday, December 22, 2010


An idea sketch before bed that sorta turned into a concept paintin.
She's a dancer.. spinning around smackin the survivors around, seperating the group from each other. And then focusin on one feeed nomnomnom

This aint a final or anything just one of the concepts... more to come :D
Next one is along the line of "dynamite in comes in small packages" idea.


  1. cool concept, but a small question: separating the group is also the minor ability of almost every new Infected in Left4dead2, like the Charger that knocks over Survivors while grabbing one, and the Jockey doing the same. So, I guess separating them will be something like sending them flying for about 10 metres, more like a Tank punch minus the damage you get from it?

    Sorry to be nagging about the small details, coming up with unique abilities is quite hard. Looks like the dev team already has covered a lot of ground:P

  2. that is one ugly any winehouse bitch
    maybe she can sing very annoying

  3. ye i know what you mean peter. This is alot like the other specials just abit different. But i guess the main goal of the specials is to seperate the survivors to kill em.

    Yours is kinda like the spitter the way mine is like the Charger or Jockey. Not bashing or anything, its just tricky coming up with fun to play abilities, fair towards the survivors and other specials and that valve hasnt already come up with :P

    What i had in mind is that you can knock the players far apart or focus on one and get him away from the team. Kinda like the tank smashin them, but in the spin you can hit more then one player. Kinda like Taz the Tasmanian Devil.

    Once youve done your spinning attack you'll be abit out of balance meaning you cant really move fast or in the right direction. And soon after you can proceed to attackin the survivor thats on the ground.

    Anyway.. more fun stuff on the way!

  4. i'd do her. flexible. and if something snaps you don't have to sweat it... :P