Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Kinda liking the idea of doing Kids and/or Twins. The player would run around as one and the other will follow him with AI and attack whatever he attacks.

Still thinkin about their ability. Somethin like ripping boils of themselves and throwing it at the survivors poisoning them or blinding them. And they could have deformed jaws which makes em able to bite and latch onto a survivor. The survivor will still be able to run around but will lose health quickly.


  1. eff stapje verder gaan, persoonlijk vind ik dat ze niet spreken. ze blende ook teveel met de achtergrond waardoor ze wegvallen en moeilijk lezen.

    de presentatie van deze thumbs is echt waardeloos dude :P

  2. I agree with Luc, the first batch is the shit that's floating in your head from what you've seen, the generic stuff. keep making more batches, 9 is a good number per batch. By the time you get to the third, you'll have crapped out a lot of the stuff you don't want. Give your self a break, and then start sketching again.

    That's what i learned from the creative process research i did. I'm still on my second batch.. after the third i'll take that break and see what happens :)

  3. ye im workin on the 2nd batch ;D gotta mutate more