Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry X-Mas and some Concept Art

Here's one of my concepts for Distictions ( ye that indy game im working on =P)
Let me know what you think.

The X-Mas hat is just to add to the holiday funz =D
Hope you got cool presents and suprises =P

The head is that way for a reason.


  1. Awsome stuff dude. I think the jacket would look a bit weird from the back... Is it gonna be a 3D game?

  2. hm. Your rendering of materials is awesome, but the face doesnt really feel like a face...There's too much dark areas with almost pure black in it, and the graduation of dark/light around his eyes is too harsh if you compare it to the others shadows. Give him some more personality in his face, you always seem to hide the eyes:/

    other than that, verrah cool character. I was looking at some Brink artwork and then I saw this, I almost thought it was fanart :D

  3. looking good man, there are only a couple of things i would do to improve it. this is strictly ant fucker stuff. As for the dark eyes it doesn't bother me, i thought it would be dirt or some kind of camouflage like american football players. However i would add a little more reflection in the eye itself.

    The knee protection should be a little bigger cause now it's
    just protecting the knee caps instead of the whole knee..

    the hand is not exactly in a natural position, unless you wanted it that way it could also come across as feminine. I would turn it just a little more towards him, it's a little too diva now.

    and last but not least... the gun is HORRIBLE !!! i know it's not an important part, but you should put a little more effort into it. It's really distracting, wonky, out of perspective. If you just get the outline right it should look a lot better, then it's up to you if you want to bring it to a finish.

    i like the value hue of the clothing, works good.

    cheers :)

  4. je gaat vooruit je met shapes en values


    rechter knie zit te hoog, kijk naar zen voeten, de knieen horen in de zelfde lijn te zitten, hij staat wel heel erg als een kip( borst extreem naar voren).
    en teken die hand met gun in 3/4. hij drukt em tegen de camera aan (on natuurlijk).

    die 2 riempjes op zen jacket, zijn niet even lang(bedoeld?) en gemaakt van staal.

  5. thanks for the feedback dudes.. ill put it to some good use =))